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Seven great ideas for longer trips

Although you would have to leave the surrounding area of Mezőkövesd, there are other interesting sights within 100 km or a bit more. If your stay is slightly longer, it is worth spending a day here or there to explore these places as well.

1. Parádfürdő (55 km)

Hungarian lands had some of the most vigorous volcanic activity in the world a few million years ago. Volcanoes would erupt one after another in the area of the Northern Medium Mountains. We now only have subtle memories of those eruptions, such as mofetta, the gaseous discharge that is a sign of volcanic post-activity. One of our thermal bath places which was built on the surface of such natural CO2 discharge is Parádfürdő. Besides the medicinal gas, the place is also rich in carbonic mineral water sources, which is why it became one of the first thermal places in Hungary. You can even try a taste of the beneficial water from a glass you have blown yourself in the glass factory in Parádsasvár.

2. Miskolc (65 km)

There are few towns in Europe whose history go as far back as that of Miskolc. Apart from its captivating centre it is also fun to visit the annual Pork Jelly Festival in February or the Opera Festival in June. Miskolc used to be a city of trade with masters of many crafts, many traditions and religious orders, the memory of which is preserved by the city’s churches, buildings and even its catering habits. Make sure you don’t leave without a brace of Miskolc sausages, smoked trout from Lillafüred and handmade chocolate and cordial syrups. We also recommend the theatre if you want something to do at night as they have an excellent company.

3. Miskolctapolca

You will probably be transported by the shady trees and romantic atmosphere but the true speciality of Miskolctapolca is the Cave bath. This system of caves is one of a kind in Europe, which has 28-31 °C water at 1-1.5 meter high in places. Swimming through the cave bath allows you to see many beautiful and, due to its lighting, mysterious bays where you can spend some time relaxing and admiring the scallops and the carst creations. We suggest you lie on top of the water and let yourself go, just admiring nature and feeling wonderful.

4. Lillafüred

One of those towns in Hungary which is set in the prettiest pieces of nature, by Lake Hámor. Legend has it that the town itself was named by András Bethlen, Minister of Agriculture, who found this exceptionally nice place during a hunting trip in 1892. He decided to name it after his wife later. You may have trouble trying to decide where to go first, as there are so many interesting things to see around here. From the hanging garden of the Neo-Renaissance Palace Hotel, which resembles the times of King Matthias, you will have a great view looking out to the valley of the Szinva stream and Lake Hámor. You can also admire the waterfall of the Szinva stream which is 20 meters high.

This is the highest waterfall of Hungary which is an exceptional sight in itself but it is even more special when frozen. You can find the Szeleta cave opposite the Palace Hotel, where a lot of archaeological findings were made. It is supposed to be the birthplace of Hungarian palaeontology.

The Szeleta top, from where there is a beautiful view. If you like you can go for a boat ride among the steep hillsides and rocks on Lake Hámori. Make sure you take a ride on the forest railway of Lillafüred , which was originally established to carry wood cut in the Bükk forest. Today we can go on it as far as Miskolc to Garadna.

5. Bükki Nemzeti Park

The area extends to nearly the whole of the Bükk hills. It has rich fauna, cave systems and architectural and industrial landmarks that take us back to times past. These and the ethnographic values offer an unlimited range of enjoyment all year round. There is no season when the forest fails to amaze you with its beauty.

6. Bükkszentkereszt(78 km)

Legend has it that the Virgin Mary once came here and the stones preserved the footsteps of her donkeys. Uncle Gyuri Szabó, the herb expert lives here too. He carries the legacy of multiple generations who learned how to make herbal tea out of the plants of forests and meadows. Feel free to pay him a visit. He is always happy to give you tips on how to treat our physical and mental issues.

7. Hortobágy (75 km)

Seeing the plain dissected by the streams and wild waters poses quite a contrast to the sight of the hills. The seemingly monotonous scenery has a surprising amount to offer. The Hortobágy Inn, built in 1830 even accommodated Sándor Petőfi. The longest stone bridge of Hungary, the Nine-holed Bridge is also found here. The Visitors’ Centre of the Hortobágy National Park offers a great many things to visit, such as exhibitions and other programmes throughout the year. A little taste of what is available: Bird watching at dawn, a moonlit tour, dancing herons, horseback riding, travelling in a horse-drawn cart, by bicycle, in a boat or on foot.

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