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Eight tips for taking a trip near Mezőkövesd

You can take a trip to a lot of interesting places within a 30 km-radius from Mezőkövesd, where the Bükk hills and the Great Plain meet.

1. Eger

The city of wine and Baroque offers unforgettable memories for grown-ups and children alike. Eger never fails to amaze and always gives something new and exciting. Eger still has a lot to offer, such as the wine cellar built into the old stone mines, a massage of Arnaut Pasha in the Turkish bath or escape games in the Magic Cellar.

2. Egerszalók

The salty hills of Egerszalók are unique natural formations. There are only two other places like it in the world, in Pamukkale, the Asian part of Turkey and in Yellowstone National Park in the US.

3. Bogács

If you are a fan of baths, you should try the Bogács open air pool.

4. Demjén

The largest cave aqua park of Central Europe is located here. There are plenty of surprises awaiting you inside the 760 m long cave system, such as a giant slide where you can slide down from 25 m up; an island of children’s stories where the story of auntie Holle can only be read with swimming goggles; a cave of fairies where the king who protects the thermal water and his family live and much much more.

5. Poroszló

Lake Tisza Ecocentre. One of the most beautiful experiences of the summer is to go birdwatching on Lake Tisza at dawn. Even though you have to get up early, you will never forget what you see. Go and see the Ecocentre afterwards, where you may want to spend a whole day to make the most of all the fun activities.

6. Noszvaj

Do you know what ‘pocem’ is? They are cave places carved into tufa where artists go to work these days in the summertime. That is not the only thing worth visiting in Noszvaj though. You can also go to see the Story Road, the De la Motte mansion and taste delicious wines and traditional meals in the Thummerer wine cellar.

7. Szilvásvárad

Szilvásvárad offers an abundance of joy. You can go on the mini railway, visit the world-famous studs of Lipica, the caveman cave, the museums and the wild animal park. You can go horseback riding, on a carriage, cycling or even tracking. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you try the smoked trout of Szilvásvárad.

8. Bélapátfalva

This is a very special place where sacrifices were made in Pagan times. After converting to Christianity it soon became a fairground, which it has been ever since. The main festivities take place on the day of the Holy Mother (15 August). The Cistercians’ Abbey, which was built in the 13th century, is the most impressive monument of Roman architecture in Hungary.

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